Saturday, 8 November 2008

I already knew this!


"It is one of the biggest mysteries in science which has baffled scholars for more than 75 years, but now a team of cosmologists believes it has found a way of discovering what the universe is made of. About 85 per cent is neither stars nor planets but some form of mysterious matter. It cannot be seen or detected by conventional scientific instruments, which is why the precise nature of this "dark matter" has eluded the finest minds in science."

- The Independent

When they final get their results, they will find that this mystery matter is:

Lost socks
Lolly/candy wrappers
The spare set of car keys
That library book that you were sure you returned
The last piece of fruit cake

but mostly lost socks.


  1. Sorry, I ate the last piece of fruitcake.

  2. Java: My teenagers Ipod! She lost it countless times to find it again.

  3. laughing at lost socks. Some enterprising children's author wrote a book about lost socks and the place where they all gather, waiting for further usefulness. Of course, the author's name and the title of the book are out there somewhere, lost in that mysterious matter, for I've searched my mind and cannot find them.

  4. I am thinking that this matter that is hiding darkly is being the milk that is coming from human kindness. I am thinking that this must be so because it is not being found in this earthly realm. If this is not being the case then it mus tbe being the rubies that by rightly should be bestowed upon regal entities such as myself but have been sadly lacking. Is this not being the case?

  5. I think most of it will ultimately turn up in the mind of Dick Cheney - compressed, a kind of black hole. It'll probably include those socks and old wrappers but lots of much worse stuff.

    It hasn't been detected because it's in an undisclosed location...

  6. and receipts for the many things we wanted to return.

  7. I bet they'll take another century to discover that..

  8. as long as the dark stuff doesn't blot out the spangly sparkly stuff I'm ok with it.

  9. Hayden: Good thought. I'm with you on that.

  10. Please don't forget the teaspoons... they must be there too!

  11. and all of my sons hats,coats,cell phones, etc.etc.


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