Friday, 14 November 2008

Six loves


J Cosmo Newbery nominated me for a "Kreative Blogger" award. Now, I have a general rule of not accepting these things and I will make no exception for this one. Especially one that can't spell. Ever since I tried a Krispy Kream donut, and found it to be neither crispy nor creamy, I have had my doubts about inexact spelling.


Part of J Cosmo's award required me to publish a list of six loves. Should an award be conditional on me doing stuff? Sounds dodgey to me but it does solve my immediate mental block of what to post having been away up-country for a couple of days.

I will leave out wives, mothers, kids, a dominatrix named Olga, and such like, where any inadvertent omission may land me in hot water.

1. Gardening - I do low impact gardening, coffee-mug gardening, where I wander with a mug of coffee, weeding and pruning here and there as I go on a regular basis. When the coffee runs out, gardening ceases. Beer is an acceptable substitute for coffee. I love seeing the changes in the garden. The vegetable garden is especially good this year as I have modified my watering practices rather than just hoping for rain.

2. Walking in drizzle, watching thunder storms - walking in drizzle is especially good on a deserted beach. Thunderstorms are really good from the safety of the gazebo in the front yard. A beer is a good companion for that, too.

3. Cooking - it's just chemistry, with style.

4. Painting - haven't done much for a while now but it is still one of my loves and a perennial on my to-do list.

5. Clever humour - I grew up listening to BBC radio comedy. It was clever, verbal humour. Too much present-day humour relies of sarcasm, personal put-downs and canned laughter. (Research shows that people like to belong to a group so will laugh when canned laughter is played so as as to not be an 'outsider', even for things they would not normally find funny.) MASH was a good example of the clever use of humour on TV. I do not know of a current TV program that is worth watching; I see the ads and a little voice says 'they will put the best bits in the ads', telling me that the show will be a waste of time. Mind you, I do like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

6. Blogging - is it an addiction? Is it therapy? Jury's out on that one.


  1. Mash remains one of my all time favorite shows. I can remember my dad and I rolling with laughter at some of the classic scenes. The one where Col. Potter put the binoculars to his eyes and pulled them away, only to have both eyes ringed in black? Radar fell out of the Jeep and I fell out of my chair. Makes me smile, just thinking about it :)

  2. I still watch reruns of MASH when I get the chance and Jon Stewart is really very clever.

  3. i'm with you on 1 and 5. as for 6 - i think both.

  4. I think we need to know more about Olga!

  5. Olga-I think that might be a little tmi for me.

  6. I am thinking that it is being something that is being below a man to be finding himself in the kitchen. Is this not being the placement for your wife?

  7. this is nice... i guess for now blogging is more of an addiction for me than a therapy =D hihi.

    thanks for visiting... c u around... oops, i better spell that out or else you won't accept it =D SEE YOU!

  8. An inadvertent inclusion may land you in hotter water.

  9. I share your love for numbers 2 & 6.

    As for number 5.... well, I'm known for the gal who has a serious look on her face when watching sitcoms. Most of the time I just don't get it.

  10. oh, how i would love a good, old- fashioned sit com like we used to have. i am so sick of reality television. we are now cable news junkies!

    gotta tell hubby about the coffee mug gardening. if he does that on days that are not designated as gardening days, he will be ahead of himself!

    blog reading is so entertaining that i miss it when i get behind. i am not so keen on posting though.

  11. Oh I hate gardening. I begin to think my hands are actually 'poisonous' to plants..don't have the patience for it. I prefer to enjoy other people's work..I need a gardener if I were to have my own garden one day. And I don't understand MASH humour the last time I watched it..sigh..too clever I guess.

  12. "I do not know of a current TV program that is worth watching"

    Can you watch "The Big Bang Theory" yet?

  13. Focusfinder: No. I will keep an eye out for it.


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