Saturday, 1 November 2008

Better call Joe the plumber...

A bit of toilet humour recently. Apparently a French man dropped his mobile (cell) phone into the toilet on one of the fast, intercity TGV trains.

These toilets work like airline toilets and use a vacuum system to empty. In attempting to retrieve his phone the French man found his arm sucked down into the system (cistern?) and had to call for help. Presumably not with a mobile phone.

All attempts to extricate the poor man failed so he had the indignity of being stretchered off the train with the toilet still attached to his arm.

The reports are silent on whether he got his phone back.


  1. And his first words were...uh...what is French for "Shit!"?

  2. JCN... that would be Merde :).

    When I was young, my aunt (who teased me all the time) told me about a woman who was sitting on a toilet in a plane when they hit an air pocket. The result was her getting vacuum-sealed to the toilet (and subsequently humiliated). Because I didn't know whether my aunt was teasing or telling the truth, I refused to pee on a plane for, oh, about 30 years. It's only been recently that I will go, but only if I simply can't hold it (which happens on those trans-Atlantic flights sometimes).

  3. OMG!! yeah it was pretty funny watching mccain call for him at a rally and he wasn't there; so he announced "you're all joe the plumber". I beg your pardon..

  4. Never mind the mobile (cell) .....
    Did the poor man get his arm back?!


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