Friday, 28 November 2008

First of the season.

It is spring in Melbourne. The vegetable garden is growing apace.

My Granny used to plant and tend her tomatoes, shading them from frosts, early in the season and considered it some achievement if she managed to get tomatoes before Christmas.

I picked my first tomato yesterday.

November 27th.

Four weeks before Christmas.

Just another pointer at the 'non-existent' climate change.


  1. Did you know tomatoes are good to help prevent prostate cancer, but apparently the cooked ones are the best!! ?? I'm still amazed at the various types you can get.

  2. At least the people who have green houses wont have to heat them any more.

  3. yummy...

    hey, thanks for your response in DOES AGE MATTERS... you're the first to point out something i forgot to consider - the growing old part. It was an eye opener for me.. just so u know, henry the dog gave a compliment on your answer... and i agree with him =)

    see ya!

  4. I have just started missing home-grown tomatoes. Have one between 2 slices of buttered bread, with a little salt and pepper for me. Mmmmm.

  5. Plus a little fresh basil...

  6. hi Lee.

    today i finished tracking the bloggers comments on my site and I am pleased to announce that there are only 2 posts in my blog that you haven't commented on. for that i am grateful...

    just incase you want to go back and post your comment, here are the blogs:

    you and 3 others are on the same status:
    henry the dog

    thank you so much! it means a lot to hear from you =)

  7. They look yummy...I'm with Diane, I really enjoy a tomato sandwich. ♥


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