Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A sense of hope.


Congratulation to America on the election of Barack Obama to be its 44th President.

He will have many challenges to face and all fair-minded people, both inside and outside the US, will wish him well.

He campaigned heavily on the themes of hope and change and conveyed a sense of proportion, pragmatism and determination. He will need them all.

It appears his themes have struck a chord with many Americans. True, there was a strong black turnout, stronger than predicted early in the campaign, but he needed more than the black vote to win and obviously struck a chord with many levels of Americans.

But we non-Americans are not untouched.

America is unique in its impact on the lives and thoughts of people around the world.

We, too, have a sense of hope for the future.


  1. Sounds good in theory - practice? Who knows.

  2. I am thinking that he is being a goodly thing for the America and also for the world. Is this not being so?

  3. Thanks, Lee - let's hope he makes that uniqueness you speak of a good quality this time around...

  4. Maybe the rest of the china will be safe from damage now, Lee. I am hoping with the rest of you

  5. I voted for Mr Obama but up to the very end I was afraid that there would be a huge number of people who could not vote for a black man.

    I only hope that he can make some of his promises come true!

  6. it feels so very wonderful to havce blog friends all over the world watching this election, blessing us with their good wishes and hope, caring about our country and us. thanks so much for your supportive comments and for sharing the joy we are feeling today!

  7. I felt so proud of huminity for voting a black man into the 'highest office' in the world.
    I wish him much mana.

  8. I too hope that he does well for my country. I was going to say, 'better than the current joker', but that is not saying much.


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