Saturday, 1 November 2008

Of course, it's just 'natural variation'...

Weather update: Despite the 'non-existence of climate change', Melbourne received only 14.2 mm of rain in October, traditionally its wettest month. The long term average is 66.2 mm.

Actually, the total October rainfall for the last three years combined doesn't add up to one October's average rainfall.

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  1. And yet here in the tropics where traditionally one and all would have their air conditioning near MAX, many are switched off. Personally, by now, we'd have had ours on during the day from say 10 am through till 9 pm. This would normally ( i say normal because this is what its been for the last 20 years )have been from mid September.

    I can tell you, today ( Nov 1st )is the first day we've switched it 2pm and it will go off at around 8pm. 6 weeks later than usual.....bizarre, wonderful for my hip pocket though!

    The usual humidity has not been around, its very late coming. The weather ,as in temperature is quite normal but dry, very much like Alice Springs.

    So we sit and wait, and see if we get a wet season i guess.


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