Saturday, 7 June 2008

Pastore's Pie?

We had the delightful pleasure of meeting up with Dave and Peter and their wives a week ago.

It was a lovely evening and, despite Dave's warnings, enjoyed some delightful Italianesque Shepherd's Pie.

There is indeed something of substance to blogging when people who had so little chance of accidentally running into each other can meet up and pass a very pleasant evening together.


  1. Wonderful blog! Enjoyed your trip through your eyes. Spent at least 45 min looking. Thanks for sharing

  2. For a moment, I thought you were heading back to home, and I wondered, as I do sometimes, "why so soon?"

    And, to find you're still out and about brought a sigh of relief to me, as it'll take quite a few hours cleaning up your place after last night's party.

    Hope you're still enjoying the trip, and that you and Margeret are giggling up the strength for another thirty years, eh.

  3. Yay..another bloggers meet...there's something magical about it you would want to meet more and more..don't you think? I'm still following your journey from here..ever so envious..ever so enjoying myself..

  4. Your travels make for much entertaining viewing!
    Thank you for sharing it all so faithfully with the stay-at-homes!


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