Thursday, 12 June 2008

Becketts B&B

Staying at a lovely little B&B called Becketts, near Cowden in Kent.

Eating al fresco in the garden this evening (above).

Only problem is that if you sit in your four-poster bed to blog, you can't read the keyboard of your laptop as it is shaded from the room lights.

Tough, eh?


  1. You lead such a difficult life ;)

  2. I think I'll sleep straight away with that kind of bed and light..LOL.

  3. I know the secret here....
    when you left, the shave was fresh.
    Now look.
    Hair's grayer but, after a clean shave and a bit of wine, you shed ten years off.

    Heck, after Margaret's fifth glass, you probably start looking like a young fella again.

  4. haha, yes, tough for sure, I have been feeling so sorry for you, hehe.

    What travels......lovely.


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