Sunday, 15 June 2008

Obligatory London photo


  1. Lee, Happy Father's Day from Malaysia! I know you Aussies don't celebrate it today..but we do it our way okay?

  2. Thnk you!

    We Australian fathers are very lucky, we get two father's day. Most of the world celebrates on the 2nd Sunday in June (and I happy accept that) but in Australia it conflicts with the Labour Day holiday so the people who sell cards, presents, holidays and all such stuff pushed for, and got, a day in September (1st Sunday).

  3. Makes Big Ben seem more important, somehow!

  4. Cool about you Aussie's getting two Father's Days. Haven't the mother's rebelled and demanded another day as well?

    I've been enjoying all the photos you post but I keep wondering where is the rain? You seem to be having great weather. Good on you!

  5. Looking forward to the Snapfish travel book when you publish it, Lee.

    Peter (from a County Library Computer)


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