Sunday, 29 June 2008

Closet Blogger

I am very grateful to this hotel for having free WIFI, really I am.

It's just a bit odd that the only spot in our room where I can get any sort of a signal is when I stand in the wardrobe.

Am I on Candid Camera?


  1. How different every country you've pictured here, and how much the same! For a time, the only place I got cell reception in my cottage was standing in the closet...

    No wonder Monet stayed at home and painted!

    What a journey you've been on!

  2. Hope you can "come out of the closet" soon, Lee. ;-)

  3. Wahahahaa..thats the best thing of WIFI Uncle Lee, like using cellphone when I worked at one of rural area at Sabah, there is only one spot in our room that we can get the signal clear, and we have to hold the cellphone high above our head..haha.

  4. what? You didn't notice one of these in the closet with you?


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