Monday, 9 June 2008

Can you trust this man?

Dropped in on the Royal Signals Museum (Sparker, take note). It displayed communications equipment from the Boer War onwards and was made all the more special by an oh-so-British guide (distinguished looking, grey hair, check shirt, cravat) who was a wealth of information about all the exhibits.

As it happened, the museum was inside an army base. I knew things would be interesting when the car park outside the base prohibited you from leaving cars unattended. Some park.

Had to check in, show ID and such like. I was asked the postcode of where I was staying (no idea) and comment was made of my accent - "Very gentle for an Australian...", (not a good time to try out my faux-Afghani accent) but they eventually photographed me and let us in. Margaret, pure and innocent that she is, got in unquestioned.


  1. Thanks for the note on the Royal
    Signals Museum. The Army had a slightly different routine from the Navy.
    Did your posh type show you a spark-gap transmitter from which the sparkers got their name? Probably not, they were mostly ships' equipment - I think Titanic used one to call for help.
    Car park sounds a bit oxymoronic.
    enjoying your pics.

  2. Oh must be the cheeky eyes!

  3. Hahahaha... I would love to hear your faux-Afghani accent. I bet it's a hoot.


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