Thursday, 12 June 2008

The past

Tracked down Margaret's grandparents house in Southborough, Kent. Now the house is subdivided and there is another house on the site but there is much she remembers of the original.

The above shot is from a gate that leads from the back fence into a large park.


  1. oh how wonderful to have this large field opening from your back fence! I bet there's a lot of activities done during Margaret childhood here..

  2. Strewth! You were about a mile from my house!!

    Glad you had a good time in the UK. If you come back, you must do Ightham Mote.


    PS I like the shots of Tregony in Cornwall; reminders of family holidays as a lad.

  3. Y'know... the way you say "we tracked down the grandparents" and this being England and what not and you show that big open field....I almost expect to suddenly hear the dogs baying at their leashes, men on horseback and dapper uniforms, and two older folks running from the lot of you!

    Quite humorous in my head.

    (probably not so much for the Grandparents, eh?)


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