Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Stayed at a lovely B&B in a small town called Eckington.

The rooster watching me closely. Every so often, as I was photographing him, he would run sideways at me, bump into me and give me a long, meaningful stare.


  1. I love the very sturdy legs on the Rooster! Built for longevity & strength.

  2. Hi Lee, nice to see you enjoyed some time at our B&B. Spike the cockerel has now been posted to a new home on a farm in Gloucestershire with lots of hens (at least 200 I am told) to look after. He was getting a too big for our small cottage garden and the 10 hens were getting a bit fed up with his behavior. We now have 16 chickens, one or two which may be roosters, they are not quite old enough to say for sure yet. cheers Adam


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