Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Eden Project, Cornwall.

An ambitious project in a disused china clay quarry, it houses many plants in a local environment as well as two 'maintained' ones - tropical rain forest and Mediterranean.

All of it fascinating but I felt some of the rain forest plants were a bit stressed - it is moist and humid but it never actually rains, so the leaves are a bit dusty and unloved on some plants.

But for a place to see so many plants, from so many countries, it is amazing.


  1. This entire set of photos from England have left me homesick for a place I would have lived in forever had I not had family waiting here for me to return. Those Cotswold stones gleamed with hidden light even when the rains and mist obscured the sun and I had lunch one day in the very Inn you stayed. No doubt you are trodding on my invisible footprints - so glad you got to see this bit of England and got to meet good friends there.

  2. Lee, I hope you don't mind, but I have been living vicariously through your descriptions and your pictures from the start of your journey. I see from Dave's blog that you were able to meet up with them and Peter and Sparkly Jane as well. How fun! :-)


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