Sunday, 29 June 2008

Be warned!

A wall at the Caixa Forum, a museum displaying a fabulous collection of Alphonse Mucha paintings and lithographs.

Let it be a warning for those of you who don't take the moss off your tiles!

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  1. Y'know, the band was going to give you a send off, but, the Queen had some friends over and they had to play at One's Summer home.
    So, they sent me to toot out a few tunes for you.
    Not really very lucky for you, though. I don't know how to play any brass instruments, anymore. (no, it isn't like a bicycle. At least, not after fourty something years)

    I've actually been paid good money to remove vines from the sides of buildings.
    Odd bit, I think. Here we have a very aggressive ivy vine, but, if one keeps it off the windows and doors....
    (just a bit of sidenote...when I said "one keeps it" I didn't mean to infer that the Queen goes out and clips her own vines)
    (though, that might be quite a sight) ....and it's not one of the poisonous variety, then there's some insulation value to it. Plus, how grand it makes a building look!

    Of course, you have to like birds, too. (nests)


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