Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Nouveau Tardis?

Don't know what this thing is - apart from being a glass box on an old pedestal.
No, it's not in a useful place for a gendarme to direct traffic.

Anyone know?


  1. Looks like a goofy game show money box... you know, when the contestant stands in the box and grabs as much paper money as he can get as it is blown all over the place inside there. (I'm sure they have a much more classy use for it than that though) ;-)

  2. That's the best suggestion so far...

  3. Once you step inside, the floor gives way and you slide down on your bum to Batman's Paris hideaway.

    Or, it could be a pulpit for those especially annoying 'the end of the world is coming' people who stand on street corners and preach their doom and gloom (the glass keeps them quiet and makes them less annoying).

    Or a changing room for exhibitionists...?

  4. All good ideas. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we will need a play-off...


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