Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Misc Paris shots

Painters are about but more common are portrait and caricature painters.

Light from St Pierre de Montmartre church window.

Of all the countries that we have seen, France has the most beggars.

A return visit to St Eustache's, Paris' ugliest church. Well, we were actually going to nearby Metro station. Noticed that the church has a clock (top) and, on an other wall, a sun dial. That odd looking circular object on the front wall in the above photo is a barometer. A bit of everything. A dyslexic dog's breakfast.


  1. really interesting Paris shots. One of my favorite 'scenes' there was at a cafe late one evening... a table of 4 artists were sketching each other furiously.... every now and then someone would grab his beer glass and thump it down loudly, then everyone would grab theirs and hurriedly switch seats and resume sketching someone new.

  2. the opinion about the population of beggars would change should SF be on the route.


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