Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A henge.

What are they looking at?

Well, it could be Stonehenge, but it doesn't look 'right'.

Ah, that looks more familiar!

Yes, out on Salisbury Plains, we visit Stonehenge.

But it only looks like Stonehenge from some angles.


  1. On Wednesday I'll be visiting Natural Bridge here in Virgina, at which there is an attraction called, "Foamhenge." It is, as it sounds, a model of Stonehenge made of foam. Scary (or sad, not sure which applies more). My 8-year-old (who saw the real Stonehenge for the first time at 4) said, "Oh Mama, that sounds SO cheesy... we HAVE to see it!" I agreed. And now worries... I'll forward a photo!

  2. NO worries, that is (or maybe 'now worry' applies... we'll see ;)

  3. I've always wanted to visit the Stonehenge. I have no idea why. But something about it just appeals to me.

    Maybe someday soon. Hopefully.

  4. where's the "warning....these rocks may fall" signs?


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