Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tonle Sap Lake

Kids tend to do 'things' to attract photographers and then want a dollar for the photo. One kid 'appeared' on our boat by climbing aboard from a passing speed boat (pirates!) holding a tray of drinks. Others (see later) carry snakes and such like. I was at loss to know how to deal with them until our guide pointed out that, if they were successful at collecting money, their parents would not let them go to school. That made it a lot easier to say 'no'.

A floating pig pen. For pigs that swim rather than fly. The entire village was floating - floating schools, basketball courts, shops, houses, fish farms.

If you click on this picture, you will see that the boy has a snake draped over him.

This is a fishing shed - it has lots of hammocks and the locals buy snakes meat (yes!) and can then sit in a hammock and fish.

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  1. how fitting then that the boy is in a "john boat"....


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