Sunday, 6 April 2008

Misc pics from the Temple of Literature

Some of the roof.

Lots of school kids - many said 'hello'.

Margaret and a stone turtle.

Names of scholars who have passed the King's exam.

A bonsai fig.


Another bonsai.



  1. roof details are lovely - reminds me of waves...

  2. don't you just love great photo opportunities. Some stunning photography. I would love one of those stone turtles.....

  3. You know you can't bring that bonsai back with you, don't you?
    Heck, I'll bet Margerette can "bearly" lift that turtle....

    OK OK.
    So, is Quang Tri on your journey? Hue? Both duty stations for me.

    There is a dish there of rice, vegetables and a brownish crunchy meat that I can't remember the name of, but, it turns out to be cokroach.
    Now, that may sound bad, and indeed, after I was told what it was, I went out side and, er...well, let's say I gave up dinner. But the thing is, and I remember this even more strongly, it tasted good.
    Just didn't have the stomach to know what it was.

    To this day I rarely ask what something is at the dinner table. I yusually wait until the next day....

    Well, have fun some more! I'm back to feeding the animules....

    (and people think I spell bad...HA! These dogs are stubborn enough to call that!)


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