Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Home again...briefly.

Home again.

The mail pile has been sorted, the hair cut, the garden explored and the bed tested.

Especially the bed tested. Didn't get much sleep on the flight from Ho Chi Minh City, via KL.

The garden has survived - the boys have taken good care of it - just a bit of pruning to do.

Less than good news on the health front regarding my father but both my parents are adamant that it shouldn't affect our future travels.

So now comes the reassessment phase of the first trip - what was unnecessary but we carried for seven weeks anyway, what should we have taken but forgot, time to replace the stolen bits, generally regroup for phase 2.


  1. You have traveled 7 weeks already-oh my! Enjoy phase 2.

  2. Travel lighter and wiser, with your mind broadened, not your feet.

  3. How exciting, phase 2!

    Pity the weather here is a constant drizzle.

    Phase 1 of the holiday was enjoyable to read about, the pictures were great.

  4. can't wait for phase 2 - you showed me things I'd never seen nor imagined. Thanks for the guided tour and welcome home!

  5. I agree with Pauline, can't wait for ph 2, seen some awesome pics here, you should make a slide show of it all! I hope your dad gets well really quick, sorry to hear he's not well.

  6. Oh wake up you two! He he..when's the next flight? And where to?
    (Praying all is well for your dad too..)

  7. Hope you've slept the sleep of the just, thanks for taking us along, look forward to Phase 2.


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