Sunday, 13 April 2008

Extra baggage.

Guess who forgot to take his pocket knife out of his backpack for a flight?

Vietnam security were very good about it and put it in a box, complete with its own luggage tag.

I suspect at many airports I would have just lost it.


  1. here in the US, I accidently took a knife, and they confiscated it......along with my lotion and shampoo....because they were over 4ozs. Rediculous......the bottles were clear and you could see right through them......

  2. when taking Lee Mehrlich toCanada two years ago, some joker in his home put a steak knife and a fork in his carry on back pack.
    When going through the airport security and finding the steak knife and fork, and guess who got the more thorough search next? When one considers that Lee is a Cerebral Palsy patient, then one must assume that the big guy with him is probably a terrorist.
    Even though I gave them my best, "hi, how ya doing?" and of course, their reply, "fine. How are you?" and the punchline..."well, gee. Since you asked. Last night I dreamed I was a car muffler and this morning I woke up exhausted...."

    Hmmm. It just now dawns on me....maybe they just didn't like the joke.
    Perhaps the cannibal joke would have been better?


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