Thursday, 3 April 2008

A bonus blogger!

Me, Alison & Jennifer. (Margaret taking the photo.)

The room phone rang yesterday; it was Alison, another Malaysian blogger. She had asked on one of my previous post when I would be in KL and, now, here she was.

We arranged to meet for coffee this morning. She brought along Jennifer, a friend and work colleague. My hotel, while adequate, didn't have a nice place for coffee so we adjourned to the Carlton Ritz next door. Very elegant and somehow fitting for such a meeting.

I wish I had photographed the swizzle sticks that came with the coffee (don't you just love hindsight?). They were long sticks with a brown sugar 'mass' sticking to the end that had been dipped in white chocolate. You stirred until it all dissolved. Very impressive. Alison and Jennifer had fruit teas in fine china.

The meeting was a bonus highlight for our last day in KL.


  1. Wow..I can imagine just how many bloggers you will meet along the way! We're in every corner of the world! I like what Alison wrote in her blog..lesson from you folks, enjoy life while you can! Now it seems all of us your 'fans' are aiming for an 8-month-around-the-world trip one day! (Hey, did you get the inspirations from Around the World in 80 days?)

  2. was a wonderful meeting! glad to have met you and margaret in person :D oh, btw, jennifer is my elder sister!

  3. Aren't you lucky? Next, you'll have to come to the States.


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