Thursday, 17 April 2008

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei is older than Angkor Wat (abt 960AD) but has lovely carvings - they have survived because the sandstone used (pink) is better than the grey of Angkor Wat. This allows for deeper carvings.

Plus the occasional bullet hole.


  1. It looks like something I could get into, actually.
    Put a design on a big rock and finish the rest of my life trying to carve it out of a big rock.....

    I'm getting an epihany, here.....

    I could GET STONED LEGALLY! that good?

    How's Mrs. M coming with lugging that turtle around? I'm assumming you put down your souveniers once and a while (the big statue of Lord what-his-name at the tunnel, the chickens and sweet potatoes, not to mention the island shaped like a head.
    I suppose at the airport, some astute guard will yell "Stop a head!" which may or may not read....over here, there are millions of signs that say "stop ahead"...
    oh well. Just help Margeret. That cotton-pickin turtle has GOT to be heavy!

  2. I just love these ancient buildings. I'd just put my palms against the age old walls and let them tell the story of what happened aeons ago...


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