Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hue down south...

Lawn weeding.

The Perfume River, from the top of a 16 floor hotel (not ours).

Walked into the hotel, lift to the top floor, wandered through the empty restaurant, climbed onto the roof, took photos and then reversed the trip. The only people we saw were in reception and they ignored us.

The traffic lights have a count-down function. It would never work in Melbourne.


  1. wow! beautiful place. seems kinda peaceful somehow looking at the photos.. err... excluding bruce of course.

  2. ooo ahhh! can't wait to follow in your footsteps...all the pics are fab - thanks for thinking of us blogfolk!

    and the countdown light...we have those here in my town. local joke is that it helps the retired folk know when the light turns green!

  3. Is it visible on the red side, is what I want to know....
    Sometimes, when traveling late at night especially, y'sit there and wonder if the stupid light even knows you're there....

  4. thanks for the wonderful vicarious trip so far - how different life appears in far-away places. I may never get to see them in real life but this digital voyage is amazing!

  5. Same here, getting really interested in this trip to follow in your foot steps too.
    Great pics, thanks again.

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  7. Wow...was it your improving photographic skills (with the journey) or the sceneries were really, really magnificent? I love all the photos you take and I think I'll snap almost all the same things if I were there (except Bruce and his muscles). Vietnam looks so tempting in this blog!

  8. It would be lovely to see Vietnam. Your views are just wonderful.


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