Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cu Chi - Viet Cong Tunnels

A hidden entrance. There were approximately 250km of tunnels. I wriggled through 15 metres of them.

Moi, a south Vietnamese lady on the trip, demonstrating the entrance. Adrian, a more substantial NZer on the trip could get in but needed help to get out.

Typical tunnel dwellers fare - boiled tapioca, peanut/sugar/salt mix and green tea.


  1. This is a really fascinating journal, I'm quite converted to the idea of a trip blog!

  2. non gratis anus rodentum
    (I think)
    the patch worn by the US soldiers who would crawl into these tunnels and check them for enemy or signs of enemy.

    Not worth a rat's ass.
    (they didn't like the job, but did it as duty)


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