Sunday, 27 April 2008


You may recall a post a while back where I showed a lovely little parcel of goodies Hliza had given us. We ate the nibblies as we travelled but kept the flossed beef rendang to share with the family when we returned home.

Not to be.

Apparently, no meat products are permitted to be brought into Australia.

Sniff! If I had known that I would have eaten it before we got here.


  1. Auw..I didn't know that too! Then you either have to try the recipe yourself..he he..or come back here.

  2. I understand how you feel. When I live at Sabah, I really craving for Tempoyak (Durians mixture), one of my friend bring for me from Perak. But, she not make it, as Tempoyak is seriously forbidden on board. Even she hide it in the bottom of her luggage, they still can trace it.Lol.


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