Friday, 9 November 2007

A student's life...

So, the exams are finished, what is one to do?

Well, the day went something like this:

◊ Got up, fed the doves and magpies, retrieved the newspaper.
◊ Coffee and newspapers in bed. Didn't finish either the Sudoku or the Crossword.
◊ Checked the email, sent off a birthday greeting to a friend.
◊ Showered & breakfasted.
◊ Paid some bills.
◊ Bucketed the shower water around parts of the garden.
◊ Fixed an electric outlet that has been loose for four years. Took 2 minutes to fix.
◊ Found a tin of paint the right colour and touched up some marks on the family room wall.
◊ Chatted for a while with a Dutch neighbour called Bill.
◊ Built a 'brewing box' - somewhere to keep a home brew warm while it is fermenting.
◊ Lunch. Bits and pieces from the left-over pile.
◊ Started a home brew fermenting in the brewing box.
◊ Sat in the gazebo and read for a while.
◊ Picked and ate some mulberries from the tree beside the gazebo. Took a bowlful in to Margaret.
◊ Sent off a few emails to friends.
◊ Mowed the lawn.
◊ Mulched some of the vegetable garden.
◊ Sorted out some of my photo archive - family photos & ones used for blog illustration.
◊ Sat in the gazebo with Margaret to exchange various stories about our respective days.
◊ Watched the little finches (Silver-eyes) flitting around the garden.
◊ Put some chips in the oven, made some garlic-yoghurt dip, poured some red wine.
◊ Watched the news, eating chips, dip and wine.

Still to come:
◊ A half hour walk.
◊ A much needed trip through a large number of neglected friend's blogs to comment on what others have been doing.

Tough, n'est pas?


  1. Parfait! The best way to spend the day...enjoying the moments at hand.

  2. Now that sounds just devine!

  3. Beer? Surely a gazebo goes best with a good Pinot Noir?

  4. On a hot sunny afternoon, you can't beat beer.

  5. not a sudoku please!!! i never can solve!!

  6. you are a busy beaver.
    I laughed at the fix electrial that's been broken for 4 yrs. Last night i finally sewed the 2 buttons on my winter peacoat that have been in the pocket for 2 yrs!
    stop by joke friday, i think you'll like it.

  7. Fixed an electric outlet that has been loose for four years. Took 2 minutes to fix.---hahahha...thank god exam is over...if not, the the thing have to wait another four more years perhaps??? :D:D:D

    what a day...and those are the best way to spend it...

  8. Don't strain yourself.

    Do I detect a hint of the nahnahnanahnas?

  9. Sounds heavenly. That deckchair looks sooooo inviting!

  10. I'm imagining myself busy-bodily squeezing in between you and Margaret under that kids, no chores, no sales to catch..he he.. Are you sure it doesn't bore you to do just lectures, no classes, no exams...LOL.

  11. sounds like the perfect day! thanks for coming to visit...

  12. wow! you're so motivated post-exams. i usually lay in bed and refuse to get out of my jammies for at least 3 days!

    and yes, i am jealous!

  13. What I want to know is, did you make notes as you went along, or do you have perfect recall minute by minute, or have you made most of it up? ~;)

  14. Made it up, without a doubt. Almost all exams were multiple choice - I have far better recognition than recall, so I was fine with them. Essays benefited from a long history of writing whimsical stuff.


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