Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A quiet ponder.

A little thinking time has been in order of late. The weather has been warm so I have retreated to the gazebo in the front garden, armed with a beer and a small bowl of beer nuts.

Somehow it helps put the world in perspective.

Richard update: There is a thought that his seizure may be some form of late on-set epilepsy but they are not sure as he has only had one seizure. Next step is to take him to (pause for dramatic chord)... The Seizure Clinic. If I understand it right, they try to induce a seizure in order to better understand what is going on. Not sure if I like that idea or not.

The observant among you will have noticed that there are some odd black stains on the bench.

Here is the culprit:

Well, OK, you have to squint, but amongst the leaves you will see a blackbird.

And this is what the incontinent little free-loader is eating:




  1. "Retreat to the front garden"?

    Let me guess, do you advance to the back garden?

  2. Just proceed to the beer and all will be well.

    Will they do an EEG to produce a seizure? If so, not an uncomfortable procedure and at least a diagnoses in a safe setting.

    Onward, soldier!

  3. Mulberries! When I was growing up there was one next to the house that I adored climbing. My mom loathed the berry season, and the difficulty of protecting her washing hanging out on the line.

    What ever you decide to do, I wish you calm and strength. Sometimes, in this information-plagued world, I think we know too much for a species that knows so little. Facts, but not always how to relate them properly.

  4. They enjoy your company! I do hope Richard will get better..the thought of inducing a seizure sounds scary to me too..praying here that everything will be over soon.

  5. Inducing anything sounds horrible. I hope everything goes well.
    I am inclined to agree with Hayden's comments here.
    That Mulberry looks so luscious.
    A shame the birds are so indiscrimate in their habits!

  6. Looks good. Mulberries, wow do that take me back into history.

    Is there an opportunity of a second opinion re R's seizure? I know in Melbourne you would have the best Dr's already. As I mentioned before my sister had it twice in her life, as a teenager, and never again and up to today we still don't know what caused it. Might have been stress? Tiredness? By chance?

    Praying for you all and hope that you guys will find the right decision to make, go to clinic or not.

  7. this happened to a good friend of mine some years ago. she had one seizure and they put her on epilepsy medication - she was on the medication for over 3 years with no further episodes. now they've taken her off the medication and she's fine (healthier than when she was on it, in general). they're saying it was never epilepsy. they don't know what it was, but it wasn't that.
    she would have been in her early 20s at the time. some kind of generational thing perhaps?

  8. I have never heard of a seizure clinic-more than likely we have specialist here. I pray for the best.

  9. Thinking of you and hoping all is well with Richard. A parent never stops worrying...

    Mulberries and beer and a bird-filled garden - sounds the perfect retreat to withdraw to and ponder.

  10. A worrying time for you Lee ... hope Richard is better now.

    We don't have mulberries here as far as I know ... are they the same as blackberries?

    As for the incontinent free loading bird (love that) .... get jcn on to it ...

  11. When I was a schoolboy we had a large mulberry tree in the chook yard. A school mate and I had a mulberry fight - a sort of early Paint Ball.

    Our mothers were NOT amused.

  12. It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude towards life. Relax, think about it then take intelligent action. Very nice! And your garden sounds like a wonderful place for relaxation and contemplation.

    In this country (the US) a person diagnosed with epilepsy might have difficulty getting some jobs, clearances, etc. Don't know if other countries are so backward. Still I'd want to be pretty certain of the diagnosis before I saddled my child with that label. Of course, if it IS true then it would be criminal not to address it. Good luck with your son.


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