Saturday, 3 November 2007


Four years ago today we sold our company.

The new owners guaranteed three years employment to the former owners but I got jack of their values and jumped ship after one and a half years to go studying. Well, if the truth be known the decision to go studying came after I jumped ship and was wondering what to do.

There was a further requirement of not entering into competition with them for a year after ceasing employment.

So four years neatly covers the two requirement and, just to add icing to the cake, I am very close to finishing honours in psychology. So I could go back into chemistry. I could head off into psychology. I could do a blend - auditing, training... I could do something completely different. Leadlighting, perhaps.

But I am totally free.

Well, cheap.


  1. What a wonderful feeling that must be! Congratulations!

    (reminder to self: time to buckle down, finish thesis. sigh.)

  2. Congratulations Lee!!
    You are obviously enjoying your journey.

  3. Now, if you had a vindictive spirit .......

    Conratulations Lee ... the world is your oyster ...

  4. I'd never call you cheap Lee, don't sell yourself short!

  5. What does your wife say, I'll bet she thinks you are pretty expensive to keep around! LOL

    I got into IT because the guy who owned the company made a bad purchasing decision and fired all his managers. It's funny how we fall into various things in life. Gotta be ready to fall on your feet. Good luck in the future.


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