Monday, 19 November 2007

The joy of stereotypes.

I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was for one of Margaret's class mates and so I was largely amongst strangers. It was illuminating to see the questions that I got from some of the women.

1. Do I have a list of all the local take-aways for use when Margaret is in Scotland? (She leaves on Sunday for three weeks).

2. Do I know how to use the washing machine? (At least they didn't ask if I knew how to use the kettle.)

3. And, as it was a Asian themed wedding dinner, do I know how to use chop-sticks?

It is intriguing to see how readily (some!) people pigeon-hole and stereotype others.

What would they think if they knew I had just put the Christmas Cake in the oven to cook?


  1. Surely the "-" button on the Boob control is the most under-utilised?

  2. Well i would say, if the cake has loads of glace cherries i'll be there in 4 hrs :)
    On the other hand, if the cake is dark and has too many raisins......i'll stay here in Qld :)

  3. You'll be single for 3 weeks?

  4. Michelle: The cake has a lot of cherries and glace pineapple. Also sultans and currants. No raisins.

    Hliza: sort of single. Richard will be here. What mischief can two boys get up to, eh?

  5. Where did you buy that remote, Lee? I gotta get me one of those!


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