Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The situation has returned to normal.

Exams are over. Now I can take a pot shot at a psychology 'holy cow'.

Someone out there, maybe not a psychologist but they certainly adopted the idea with relish, someone out there decided that anyone who did not fit within the bounds of what was considered 'normal' must, logically, be abnormal.

It has nasty connotations.

Say someone is abnormal and you automatically think bad.

I prefer to consider it as common and uncommon.

I have long used two small jokes on the subject. The first is an observation that if everyone was like me then I would be normal. And the second is that things have now returned to normal but you do have to remember what passes for normal around here.

All of the people who write books, compose music, create things of beauty in any domain, who do the things that the average person can't or wont, are abnormal in the technical sense.

I don't think that is a bad thing.


  1. Gosh I've missed lots.
    I hope your exams went superb!
    Happy b'day to Richard!
    My first exam is due the 14th.

  2. If there are such things as standard deviations, does that mean that there are such people as standard deviants?
    hehe... Ring the bell curve and let the projects begin!!!

  3. This is how most of us
    think about Bush
    and Co.
    From MSNBC Keith Olbermann


    kay lee kelly
    Wisconsin USA

  4. i am always amaze by the topic u brought up...fascinating...
    normal and abnormal..it's more due to people's perspective towards other people. One may claim they r normal, but other people may look at it abnormally...
    so...are have u returned to being normwl...exam over and everything?? :)

  5. How's the exam..feel good? Feel normal?

  6. I always find it is the odd & quirky- therefore, abnormal?- that make life such fun!

  7. Thank you Lee. What a kind and thoughtful understanding of the huge difference of synonyms. My day just became brighter.


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