Friday, 30 November 2007

Progress so far...

The pantry window progressed to the next stage today with the drawing up of a full sized pattern for the top panel.

Next come the task of cutting the 140+ pieces of glass.

Thank you for all the comments regarding the design.

The Cornucopia idea is a good one for a pantry but really needs a wider window to give the spread of produce. Anyway, the way I am doing it is to create two panels that will fit into the window frame behind the clear glass. It has the advantage of being a sort of double glazing. It also means if I don't like it there I can take it out and put it somewhere else.


  1. You are a marvel - so productive; i woulda talked about it for another year.

  2. Love it. Just went back and got caught up - great design. I did a little stained glass for awhile, but I found I liked the idea of doing it far more than the fact. I envy you your enjoyment of the process!

  3. can't wait to see the completed window

  4. That will turn out beautiful! I envy that talent, I've always wanted to learn to do that.

  5. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for dropping by..yes, I`m finally back..!

    The Full scale working drawing is looking good, Lee, it`s going to be a nice window.
    The secondary glazing is also good for security too.
    You have a nice linear quality to your work, looking forward to seeing the finished window.
    It will be great!.


  6. Lee

    The design looks great, good luck and please do show us all the finished product.


  7. I loved stained glass windows, panels, I even have one in a Christmas ornament my cousin made. But I know from being around here when she was working it is a VERY messy kind of hobby, but very rewarding, she made some lovely peahens for my aunt......

    This is going to be lovely, be sure and post the finished product. They offer classes downtown, but although I have thought to go, haven't done so as yet.


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