Sunday, 11 November 2007

Batteries not included.

Henry Bucks is an up market Men's store in Melbourne.

The above item is, believe it or not, a battery powered, brass-bristled, rotary BBQ cleaning brush from Henry's Christmas catalogue.

I knew something was missing from my life.


  1. magnificent - and so cheap, too!

  2. Yeah and my brother and sis in law bought a Hockey that's battery driven.
    Mind you, it's just the same brush gimic that pulls everything into its own container, they still have to empty it theirselves, and, fer crying out loud, they have to push it over the spot where they want it picked up.
    Same ol' Hockey (I may be spelling it whacky, but then, think of who's saying this in the first place, eh) Ma used to use after guests had left. No battery, no electric cord, just push and the brush MAGICALLY picks up!


    ps....a few days back, or, maybe it was a few weeks back...
    A call from a place that didn't even know he had a blog.
    David is the guy that runs the charity for runaway/troubled kids and he does it from his Arsenal Avenue home (we call it the April Show) and during a lull in the conversations, I used his computer and wrote some folks....
    You be one of them.
    But, you never got back to him or me about it....
    Your Sunday morning is still Saturday night for us. What we gotta do is utilize this time machine so we can get the Saturday numbers on and we'll split it.

    OK, that won't work.
    How about this.....
    You have a time machine in your house, but, it only goes into the future.
    You get in it and after some time has passed, you are "magically" tranfered into the future as if no time has passed at all.

    Bed, some people call it. But, I'm not fooled.
    It's a time machine that only goes to the future.

  3. It's not cheap..if I see it form our currency. Do you really need this?
    How's your son?

  4. Ha! I once worked as a gift wrapper for Henry Bucks, only did one Christmas, I think the most useless thing they had that year was a plastic cow milk shake stirrer thingy, or something, anyway it was a piece of useless crap.

    Very frightening about your son, I hope everything is OK.

  5. well, it's no Roomba Robot Vacuum, but it seems like an essential tool.

  6. Is a hockey a Roomba Robot Vacuum?

  7. I want to know what a hockey is, too.

    Lucky we have no bbq. Save some money.

  8. Algernon Sidney Montagu12 November 2007 at 20:14

    Hi Lee,

    The French equivalent of your "something for the person who has everything" is currently on display in the Hermès window ; a Hermès orange leather ping pong bat cover !!


    Algernon Sidney Montagu

  9. Aha ... now you know what to write in the letter to the fat man in the red suit.

  10. A hockey (assumming I'm actually spelling it right. I use it, I don't study it...)

    It's a predecessor to the vacuum cleaner. Entirely mechanical, it consists of a box-like shaped container that has wheels which rotate two brushes that brush loose articles (sand, ashes, spiders....) into a centrally positioned tray within the box.
    Generally it is emptied after each use as the tray is not large.
    You can still see these things in some hotels and fancy restaurants because they are quick, efficient, and, most of all, quiet.

    And, no. Not only is this not spam, mine isn't for sale.

    I use it still.
    Tanx, Ma!

  11. Aha, we call that a carpet sweeper downunder.


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