Friday, 30 November 2007

Promises kept, promises broken.

Mmmm....the last day of November.

I rashly, even if informally, made a promise to try to post every day in November. The so called Nablopomo challenge. Well, prior to this post I have done 25 posts but in fits and starts. Some days a couple of posts, some days none. But I have also posted 14 posts on the other, sex, religion & politics, blogs so I don't feel too bad. I have posted more than 30 times in November. But no bunny stamp, I fear. Too many minor things hopped in to disrupt the month...

There was Richard, who has had no signs of recurring problems.

The local election had me glued to the news services far more than normal.

And, of course, Margaret has headed off to Scotland.

I am not one to advertise unduly but I must put in a good word for Skype, the internet phone service. There is something surreal about hearing my computer 'ring' in the morning and to come through and talk to Margaret, in Scotland, on the computer.

And for free, to boot.

Mind you, we have the video option and I am in two minds on its merits. First thing in the morning, unshaven and dishevelled, I invariably look like someone who has been dragged backwards through a prickly bush.

But it is still something to marvel at.


  1. Free! I must check this out. my phone, cable, internet bill is killin me.

  2. That's OK, it was clearly a non-core promise.

    I've been talking to a friend who is studying in France via Skype recently, and it sure does make the earth feel smaller.

  3. about Richard, I hope everything will be okay soon. About Skype, is that free? I had try to install it, but there was a lot of agreement, and i come to conclusion that its not free.About the election, we also watching the hot politic here, it just make me hate politics more.

    About the video..heheh..i can imagine that!!


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