Monday, 26 November 2007


I have been very lax, blog-wise, of late. Sorry. But busy in other fields.

Friday was the official farewell dinner for Margaret - baked ricotta with red grapes, home-made grapefruit & honey sorbet, steak with broccoli, and followed by a creamed rice with dates.

Friday was the election. Details are already elsewhere.

Sunday was the real farewell to Margaret - baked salmon and steamed green vegetables, served with hollandaise sauce containing chopped chives, parsley & tarragon, followed by a yummy red berry fruit salad with yoghurt.

Tonight Richard and I lived the high life on some pretty classy left-overs.

In between all this eating, the garden was getting watered with the shower and laundry waters, some more seedlings planted in the vegetable garden, upgraded the operating system on Margaret's computer (safest to do when she is away), got stuff for repairing the grout in some tiling, researched some designs for a stained glass window I want to do, started the daunting task of tidying the study, watched the news to make sure Saturday night wasn't a very pleasant dream, fed the birds, sat in the gazebo, drew up a list of things to do and had the first bottle of my home brew.

Now, I need to visit a lot of long neglected blogs.


  1. The stuffs on Sunday farewell sounds like my kind of dinner..lucky really captured her heart thru the tummy!'re actually shooing her off in a nice way..LOL!

  2. i heard salmon...auuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww. I wonder how baked salmon look liken and taste.

  3. Very healthily delicious all of it. Now she's awah the noo in the land of the deep-fried Mars bar she won't be seeing its like for a while... touch of typical Anglo anti-Scottish stereotyping there.
    Look forward to seeing that stained glass window.

  4. sounds delightful - hope Margaret has a good visit. What will be the homecoming dinner?

  5. Sounds like a marvellous she can`t wait to get home...

    The weather here in Scotland is turning cold, but still wet. Urgh!

    Good to see you are both still well.


  6. wow sounds like quite a meal and I bet you are both looking forward to her homecoming!

    Have a great day!

  7. Can I come over for some leftovers? How was your homemade brew?

  8. I am a see food fanatic....yes, that is right, I see food, & have to eat it!!
    Lucky Margaret.
    Love those panels for the windows.

  9. What a nice life you have. The food sounded especially wonderful. And I also found out how to spell Potpourri - which i was trying to do earlier. Thanks. :D


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