Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Now listen here...

The magpies have a young one in tow and are becoming a lot more friendly to me as a result. They can sense a sucker for a quick feed!

Baby magpies make a very demanding "Ark! Ark! Ark! Ark! Ark!" sound that continues until there is a "Glump!" sound of some food being pushed down it's throat. I can fully understand the parents wanting to find a quick feed. So I am out in the garden and hear a flutter near my left ear and there is father magpie, tapping his claws, saying something like "Listen here. My ancestor was a velociraptor, pay me some respect, better still, pay me some tythes!". The top of the brick wall is about at eye level so he is in a dominating positon.

I headed inside to get him some food. When I turn around I find that he has followed me inside and is sitting on the back of one of the chairs around the dining table! Still with the same superior look. I shepherd him out. Not before he does a couple of laps of honour around the lights and then flying out the open back door.

My impromptu offering is placed along the top of the brick wall, from where he samples it and then takes it off to junior, who is sitting high up in the Jacaranda tree.

Ark! Ark! Ark! Ark! Ark! Glump!


  1. That's pretty cheeky! I thought ours were brazen beggers, (also the jays!) but I've never been followed inside the house!

  2. so you are now into charming magpies! ;0

  3. Ha ha what a domineering magpie you have there! We call them 'murai' here..yes sound a little bit like 'samurai'. Nobody I know here feed magpies..I think they'll feel like heaven if you move here!

  4. Sounds like fun - I used to have that sort of relationship with crows when I jogged winters in New Hampshire early in the mornings. I was often given to understand my presence at that hour was an intrusion...

  5. Aren't you a very obedient serf?

    I think he was an impostor, did he offer you any proof of his blue blood? ... I wouldn't give him any tithes ...

    Bloody birds ... losing the run of themselves.

  6. We had a tame couple at our previous house too, they loooove cheese and mince, but mostly we tried to give fruit. They do get spoiled and so so tame don't they.
    He was in your house??? How cheeky!

  7. Algernon Sidney Montagu8 November 2007 at 19:10

    Up the Mighty 'Pies !!! I'd give an arm & a leg to be woken in the morning by a warbling magpie in a Melbourne suburban garden.


    Algernon Sidney Montagu

  8. Cheese?! I must try that! Sounds like an Aesop's fable gone horribly wrong.

  9. no way! he's taking liberties! how very creepy and Hitchcock of him!

  10. I rather like them. They come & sit on our balcony railing & peer in at us! If we move, they fly off.


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