Sunday, 4 November 2007

Fuel prices


  1. love to see it when gas station owners show a sense of humor about it all.
    There's a few grumps out there that just plain don't want anything to do with smiling at the pump, but, they are really missing out on something.
    (yeah, pocket pain)

    Grandma was a wonder.
    Back in 1960 she used to complain mightily about having to pay 15 cents for a head of lettuce.
    I only wish she was alive today so I could buy a head and bring it to her (at $1.19) and watch her froth at it.

    No, really, she was pretty good about the money thing. Lord knows, when Ma sent her two bottles of 1959 Liebfraumilche, she used both of them to stew a big ol' chiken!


  2. saw that last year; think this yr. you have to give them yr. wife or is it life?

  3. Then there are the two back teeth they want for lawnmower fuel.

  4. We are paying close to 3.00 a gallon right now, here in Georgia. When we went through Texas last month it was 2.42 Sharp climb very quickly. But i guess they can get any amount they ask.


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