Monday, 29 October 2007

The Cultivator

This is Cannabis sativa, commonly called marijuana. And a wide assortment of other names.

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger, commonly called the Governator. And a wide assortment of other names.

Now it has been reported that the Governator has decreed that marijuana is not a drug.

It is a leaf.

A fine distinction, Arnie.

Does that mean that opium is not a drug, it is just a seed pod?

That cocaine is also just a leaf?

That mescaline is just a cactus?

That psilocybin is just a mushroom?

That nicotine is also just a leaf?

Arnie, I suspect that you have been standing down wind of some pretty dodgy fires of late.


  1. Politicians, they're good of making jokes..

  2. ummmm listen your so fuckin dumb its amazing.

    opium is an extract of the poppy pod. you can legally buy poppy seed pods, therefore they arent opium.

    cocaine is an extract of the coca plant. if you smoked the leaf/flower of the coca plant it would be a mild stimulant.

    as with the others, mescaline is also an extracted chemical.

    this is getting rather repetative, but psilocybin is just the active chemical in hallucinigenic mushrooms.

    nicotine is also a chemical, and if you had pure unprocessed tobbacco you would not really be able to inhale it, much like a cigar.

    see the key difference between pot and these other substances, save PEYOTE(not extracted mescaline), and MUSHROOMS(not extracted psilocybin) is you can litterally go up to a pot plant, pick off a peice of it, put it in your bowl, and get high. have you ever consumed alcohol? because that is alot worse for you than pot, and requires a lengthy process to CREATE. thats right, alcohol is MANMADE.

    man made booze, god made grass. who do you trust?


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