Saturday, 20 October 2007

What's 38 years between friends?

Exhibit A:

Two school boys in a 1969 photo at Healesville High School.

Exhibit B:

The same two boys, 38 years later.

Damien and his wife, Fran, came to dinner tonight. First time I had seen Damien since year 10 at high school.

Neither of us had changed a bit.


  1. The second photo's a bit blurred. Is that Vaseline I see on the lens??

  2. Cosmo: Nah. Just a camera problem. I'm hoping Damien has a better picture I can grab.

    Looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow.

  3. Yeh, me too, I haven't changed a bit in 38 years either.....haha

    Good to keep in touch with old school chums, I still have a couple that I talk to on occasion. We are having a reunion next year, and I might go.

  4. Wow..38 years! That's awesome..and you guys still look as handsome as the top photo..maybe more matured, but more dashing!

  5. Did you strike the same pose on purpose?
    You both look very happy in both pictures, facing the world with courage and good humour!

  6. Funny... I noticed that! There will be sure to be some supernatural reason for that!

  7. wonderful photographs! hey, you look a lot like your youngest son.
    I would need an ultrasound shot of me 38 years ago!! (if they had had ultrasounds then)

  8. How wonderful! You guys really do look much the same (but for the hair color and your glasses...) Its not fair that men age much more gracefully than women... if you looked at my hs photo and one now... well, my hair might be better (it was the 80's and big hair was in) but the rest of me is not. oh well... it beats the alternative!

  9. For 38 years of neglect, you do seem to be doing OK.

  10. i don't know anyone from high school anymore but i hope one day to have some similar experiences with my college chums - nice pic by the way!


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