Sunday, 14 October 2007

Against the spin...


The blurb about the dancing lady suggests that most people see her spinning anti-clockwise and yet nearly everyone who commented on my last post saw her spinning clockwise.

Obviously I have a lot of very individual, right-brained readers!


  1. ok, here's our chance!
    It's still Saturday here, so, quick, tell me what the lottery numbers are (powerball) and I'll split it with ya 50/50
    What say?

  2. 6, 23, 36, 34, 14, 10
    Supplementaries: 2, 12

    Good luck!

  3. Hmmmm, i wonder which side "Little Johnny" uses?!

    Had fun catching up on all your posts Lee, some thought provoking ones as always :o)

  4. It's funny; the first moment I saw her she was going clockwise, then she went anti-clockwise for ages and I couldn't stop her, then I tried looking over the top of my glasses and she went c'wise again...then eventually I found I could make her change direction at will, though sometimes she did it of her own accord. I must be a very undecided sort of person as to what I am, which figures, since I'm OK on language AND images and crap on maths and science, completely lacking in any impetuosity or risk-taking, know lots of names and words but fairly useless at doing anything with this knowledge, I have a reasonable head for religious ideas but very little for philosophical ones, and why the hell can't you acknowledge AND appreciate,and is there really a difference between comprehending and getting it except one's a Latin root one-word verb and one's a Germanic root phrasal one, so one sounds more pompous and intellectual and the other sounds more folksy...

    Not sure I set a lot of store by this right-brain/left brain stuff.

    I've enjoyed catching up; I'm really sorry about all the bad news you've had about people close to you, whether or not cancer's more frequent, it never loses it's power to shock and frighten, does it?

  5. Well, I must be the spinning lady changes course all the time...I think she's trying to trick us! Or perhaps, I change sides regularly! ;) One should use all one's brain power point letting some of it go to waste! ;)

  6. me too, clockwise, blink anticlockwise - hat does it all mean Lee???

  7. Well, now this has been a time waster.
    I have now done three more 'tests' on the 'net. Two said I was equal left and right, one said I was slightly more right-brained 11:7.
    So I guess that is consistent with how I saw the dancer spin.

    Interestingly I have also come across some sites that use optical illusions as a way to entice you to give away your money, it's the power of your creative mind making them move apparently. Ha ha.

    Anyway, it really isn't moving, if you scroll up so only half of the bottom circles are showing, you can see they aren't moving. It's a nice illusion, but I hope noone is stupid enough to believe what they are saying, do you think it is a joke?

  8. Crafty: Hang on to your money, it's nothing to do with individual creativity - something to do with the way the eye transfers data to the brain. Which we all do.

  9. I had the e-mail too, she changes all the time for me and my two older kids too, but now on your blog she spins so fast and anti-clock.
    Gargoyle's observation was "why is she naked?"

  10. Lee's Response: why do you thing she is?

  11. I just had the impression it changed at will randomly, & it was nothing to do with how I observed it!

  12. If I had that shape I'd be naked too. Clockwise, first, but it shifts, depending on where my eye goes. can't seem to make it change at will, but then again, I'm not always certain what my will is from moment to moment, I remain a riddle to myself.

  13. I have a clock in my kitchen with no numbers.......but then who really needs them?

    But it is interesting, now that I am retired, time mean very little to me....I sleep when I am sleepy, eat when I am hungry, and do most everything else when I absolutely have to. Kind of like being a baby again.


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