Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Murphy's Law

Today, Tuesday, I am required to submit the empirical half of my thesis for marking.

By midday.

Last night, I got the above message on my printer. It seems it decided that it needed a service and it needed it NOW and no way would it print anything until it felt the warm and comforting hands of a service engineer. That was at about 10:30pm.

Through the wonders of Skype and 3¢/min world wide phone calls, I called Epson US to see if there was a way around it. I am still not sure whether I got a person or a computer as the-voice-was-ver-ry-e-ven-ly-mod-u-la-ted but the only advice they could offer was to ring Epson Australian service.


So I went to Simon's room and dusted off his old printer and brought it through to use.

It ran out of colour ink.

Then it ran out of black ink.

But eventually I got the thing printed.

Murphy's Law, "If something can go wrong it will" is quoted often enough but what people fail to realise is that Murphy was an optimist.

Mind you, I haven't walked down to the University to submit the report yet.

Who knkows what still might happen?



  1. ok, on pins and needles here...what happened next?

  2. Yes. Have you handed it in yet?
    What happened on the way there?

  3. Yes, it is handed in. Safely!

  4. Happened to me lots of time!

  5. Good Luck with the Thesis -- What news of the printer ??

  6. Don't you hate that! I had to print lecture notes on day, a full 49 pages and I ran out of paper, it was luckily 5pm-ish so I e-mailed the rest to hubby and ask to print at work!

  7. It figures...glad it worked out!

  8. i am smiling only at the familiarity of your predicament. sorry for your challenging woes, but really, you shine in them! i am smiling thinking of you saying "poo!" big hugs, snowsparkle


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