Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Death Penalty

Today, Wednesday 10 October, is World Day Against the Death Penalty.

A bit of a mouthful but I agree with the sentiment.
Should you wish to sign a petition, you can do so here .

This topic is a bit too polarising for A Curate's Egg so, if you are interested, it is continued on my 'political' blog here.

Trivia: When I went to the site to sign the petition, it was in French (you can change it to English) but it was apparent from the context that the French phrase "la peine de mort" means "Death penalty".

Presumably it is the origin of the English phrase "to do something under the pain of death".


  1. I have no pity nor time for the leeches on society. I'm not against the death penalty for those who deserve it. They showed no mercy to their victims, what gives them the right to ask for mine?

    Do the crime...face the punishment. Today's law courts are too soft.

  2. sorry, I think there are some people who just really need the death penalty to be in place. The death penalty is maybe the ONLY deterrent for some who would kill for pleasure.

    Without the death penalty the jails would just fill the criminals who can never be set free. I have never believed in rehabilitation for some criminals. How do you rehabilitate a serial killer?


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