Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween Dinner

The annual Kennedy Halloween dinner was, as normal, highly doubtful in the quality of the course names but met with high acclaim from those lucky enough to get a position around the table.

Other courses were:

Primeval sludge of the netherworld

Eye of newt, gall of goat,
fillet of a fenny snake,
does this little nibble make.

Delicately poached portion of a witch’s inner thigh,
served with pate of the gonads of felix niger.

Aren't you sorry you missed it?


  1. what? no dragon's blood punch?

  2. haha.....actually gonads are a delicacy on the ranch.....we call them Mountain Oysters.....

    I haven't eaten them myself, but I have eaten oysters, which are a bit like eating.........well lets just is an ACQUIRED taste....haha

  3. oh yes, so very sorry I was not on the guest list! the dessert sounds to die for.

  4. The starter, a pumpkin soup, was vegetarian. As was the dessert (chocolate icecream, raspberry sauce and dumplings with peppermint chocolate filling).

    Tough luck about the fish and tarantor (nut) sauce.

  5. The appearance of primeval sludge of the nether world is much improved by a swirl of cream and a sprinkling of paprika. but my husband would agree that was a fair description of pumpkin soup.

    Alas poor Felix.


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