Monday, 8 October 2007

Simple Pleasures

(click to enlarge)

There is a simple reward in gardening, an investing in the future.

The above photo is of a small patch of the garden as you go through into the front yard. Over time I have planted all sort of things in it and a few have found their own way there to add to the patchwork. A Mollis Azalea, a feral succulent with tiny star-shaped flowers, a native wax flower and assorted bulbs (Dutch Irises I know, the rest are 'bulbs') are holding the fort at present, made all the more lovely by dappled light coming through an apricot tree. Waiting their turn are violets and anemones, a fish-bone fern intrudes every so often but is beaten back. It has it's own area. A small daisy has a foothold and every so often an apricot tree wannabe sticks its head up.

Overlay that with the increasing bird life and you can start to see where the pleasure comes in gardening.

Oh, and the other secret ingredient is lots of mulch, meaning very little weeding.



  1. Lovely. I love to be in the garden. Is your apricot in blossom?

  2. your garden is another of your canvases...

  3. Wonderful natural beauty. Of course, it takes the mulching to make it realy happen!

  4. Lovely, lovely. It's great how spring turns our thoughts to.....
    our gardens.

  5. Crafty: the apricot has past blossom and now has small green fruit.

  6. There is healing that can happen with ones hands in the dirt, the need to touch , to feel the earth. Yours heals other too, beautiful spot!

  7. very pretty - i'm impressed. I too love gardening.

  8. sigh...that's so wonderful! i was into gardening till life seemed to butt in - now i don't take the time which is unfortunate - i must remedy this - thanks for the inspiration!


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