Friday, 14 January 2011

US Department of Justice (?) is after me!


(Click to enlarge.)

Above is part of the US Department of Justice's subpoena to Twitter requesting (?) all details of all people who subscribe to Wikileaks.

Yes, I do. Proudly.

What do they hope to prove? Heaven only knows.


  1. Bugger - I don't subscribe to Tiatter, but may have to now.

    I do hope they want all details of people who subscribe to WikiLeaks' Facebook page?

  2. One thing to bear in mind is that despite people lauding Obama for his speech the other day, he's still the head honcho of the government that wants to prosecute Assange.

  3. If only our Gov't spent as much time and money on the inadequacies of our mental health programs...

  4. I would have questioned the authenticity of that upon first seeing it.
    The US government has NO jurisdiction in Australia, or any foreign country except where we have wars.

    In fact, it makes me wonder exact;y what the heck our judicial system would cite as charges against Assange because he's not from the USA, which leaves out any talk of treason.

    Ah well....


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