Friday, 28 January 2011

Cop that!


A clip from The Age on-line. Had police attacked an elderly woman?

No, but, at a casual glace, you would be forgiven for thinking so.

But the Age is becoming tabloid; we know that. They offered me a deal today "Upgrade your subscription and receive access to the new digital edition wherever you are, 24 hours a day." Well, if this is an example of their on-line journalism, I am not enticed by the offer.

But what is our beloved Australian Broadcasting Corporation, bastion of fine journalism, doing with the same story?

Pigs! As in pig's bum.


  1. Factual news reporting is a thing of the past here too.

  2. Yes at first glance it does give you the impression that the police had attacked the woman, facts don't seem to matter amy more,just 'sensationalise' the headlines.
    But no matter how it was reported, what a horrible experience for the elderly woman ... no-one is safe.

  3. Main BBC headline: Britons warned over Egypt travel.

    Next headline: TUC and students join in protests.

    Naturally I assume the UK Trades Union Congress and UK students are flying to Egypt to protest about Mubarak!


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