Friday, 7 January 2011

Chin up boys, it's only a game!


England beat Australia in the "Ashes' test series.

From the media reports you would think something important had happened.


  1. I'm afraid I don't follow rugby.

  2. LOL, I'll bet you won't be using the label 'Cricket' much; you seem such a fan.

  3. My favourite cricket is at the local oval, watched from deck chairs under the trees with cold chicken and a drink, enjoying the game even though I don't know who the two teams are.

    The big stuff has become unpleasant (I am not a fan of drunken yobbos en masse.) and the TV coverage has been taken over by monkeys who talk drivel over the top of the game.

  4. Here the craziness starts anytime Malaysia faces Indonesia in any games..old enemies we are.

  5. So it isn't a gentleman's game anymore!


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