Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oh, super!


OK, I know it is a low ball to pick on the balding guys with pony tails who run advertising and marketing departments but can anyone tell what what "Very Premium" means?


  1. It means "More expensive than it should be for what you're getting you silly, pretentious and materialistic Toff for buying it twit."

  2. It means they have a little extra premium, more than you get in just ordinary premium products. It's a 'value added' item, you know :)

    Sort of like the amplifiers in Spinal Tap; these crackers 'go to 11', so they are one louder!

  3. very premiums means they don't sell it in backwater states like Indiana, anymore.

    And we all miss them.
    Great wit cheese between a pair (would have been batter had they not used cheap cheese, and perhaps popped for some Gouda, but, then... that's a personal call.

  4. hahahahaha...I love examples of idiot advertising... :)


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