Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The advantage of home gardens...


One of the advantages of having your own garden is that you can grow things that you wont see in the shops. Above is a Cape Gooseberry.

The lovely papery lantern holds a lovely little berry with a tangy tropical taste.


  1. Maybe because Bill lisps....?

    We have Physalis at the local market, usually next to the bagged salads and cherry tomatoes. Are they that exotic where you live? They are especially good for women to eat, just as tomatoes are great for men.
    How difficult are they to grow?
    I doubt they'd do well in wet and cold Brittany, but, one never knows.
    Kind regards, Kitty

  2. That little papery lantern looks so pretty with a sweet surprise inside.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Never knew it exists, thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, Kitty & Bill, it is Physalis. Never get to the shops here.

  5. On first sight I thought it was a garlic.

  6. I have never seen anything like it, Lee! Thank you for taking a photo for us! You're so right, that is the advantage of home gardens - something I didn't know six months ago! :)

  7. gooseberry pie.
    Best when served under vanilla ice cream.

    I'll be over at seven with wine and icecream.

  8. Different sort of gooseberry, Boneman. ('Though I have two of those plants too.)

    The Cape Gooseberry tastes almost tropical. The English Gooseberry is really tart. And yummy.

  9. Comes complete with its own bio-degradable packaging too.


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